Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My midMan

I would like to introduce the www to my husband midMan, who has been the love of my life for 26 1/2 years. We met when I was a senior in high school and were married 10 months later.

We started our family soon after and have never looked back. We have not always had the perfect life, but as I look back, I know in my heart that I would never want to spend my life with anybody but my midMan.

As you can tell, he hates to have his picture taken and is so very shy. It took me, going to his Grandma's house and asking him if we were going to date or not, to get us together.

He loves the outdoors and would spend every waking moment in the mountains if he could. We love to camp together and we love spending our weekends with each other, taking rides and taking pictures. We are each others best friends. If the 3 boys want to join us that's OK too.

He loves to shop and spend money. He loves his big new bed. He loves his little baby Bella. He loves his 4-wheeler. He loves his big Dodge flatbed. He loves his camp trailer. He loves sunny warm days. He forgets all of my birthdays. He is also spoiled rotten. And he loves me, even though I drive him completely nuts quite often.

My midMan is so very awesome and I love him so very much. I thank God everyday for placing midMan in my life.

Love to all,


Things to remember..............our first date. I can not believe that midMan came back for more. Maybe I will share the story some other time. Just know that we are together and bad first impressions can be overcome.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend In Spring

We started out our weekend taking pictures of a cute little Prarie Dog.

And continued on our weekend by celebrating a birthday.

DTM4 turned 14 today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :)

Had a great visit with the neighbors.

Watched DTM3 and his significant other work on her car.

Helped DTM1 and DTM4 do a little yard work.

And finished with a perfect view of spring!!!!

Things to remember...................7 years ago on the 17th of April my baby, DTM4, was hit by a truck. It broke his femur in 7 places. He spent 4 days in the hospital and two months with no walking. He is such a brave wonderful little boy. From the day that we found out we were going to have a third son we knew that God had blessed us. And DTM4 continues to remind us of this everyday. He is definately one of our many gifts from GOD. We love you DTM4 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have to say that getting a blog started and then staying with is a little hard and sometimes very overwhelming. I tend to get caught up in other things and miss a few of the things that I would like to do.

Lately I have been following a blog that has touched my heart and reaffirmed my belief in God and his purpose for each of us. Find the blog here. Mckmama is so amazing in her faith and belief that God will take care of all.

I have also been following this blog. I had a cousin who lived with CF. She lost her battle when she was 25. That would have been 7 years ago. Her name was Melissa Millett. I love that girl and still miss her today. She lived her life the best she could and I am sure she had no regrets.

We have also been dealing with hot water heater issues, water pressure regulator issues, and a great trip to Salina, UT. The water heater is working hard and giving us nothing but pleasure. The pressure regulator was a little surprise. And I have to add a great big hurrah to Davis Heating & Air, located here is Cedar City, for a great job well done. They saved our lives, literally!!!

As for the trip this past weekend to Salina, it was great times with family. Lots of laughs and lots of great food, especially the 7UP Cake. I could have eaten the whole thing myself. We missed having DTM3 with us but hopefully next time. The guys got to go riding their 4wheelers and us girls got to have a great visit. The kids had fun finding old bottles and we realized how blind our 1 year old puppy Bella really is. But as I said fun was had by all. Even with the rain.

Hope all is great in your world.



Things to remember...........I thought I would share a little bit of my history with Melissa. During the summer after 6th grade Melissa's mom, my cousin Debbie, asked me to come to Cedar City, I lived in Milford, and baby sit for her during the summer. I thought cool. I could earn some money and buy my own school clothes. I got over here and had a great time. But after a month I started getting really sick. I would throw up every night and lost about 20 pounds in two weeks. So I had to go home. They admitted me into the Milford hospital and could find nothing wrong with me. I can remember them reading someones pregnancy test and then old Dr. Symond turning to me and say no that wasn't my test so not to worry. I stayed in the hospital for a few days and seemed to be getting better. I was sent home and ended up back in the hospital a couple days later still sick. In the end they figured that I was just really homesick. I really enjoyed my time with Melissa but I guess I missed my Mommy and Daddy more.